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Shouldn't you be able to manage your own site's content and SEO on a day to day basis if you need to? We realized that clients were often contacting us to implement the smallest changes on their sites. While it was profitable, it didn't make much sense. We started thinking about how we could put the power of really managing promotional campaigns and SEO improvements into the hands of our clients. Super Page Splitter was the result. It's an incredibly powerful tool designed to allow you to choose when, where and how to manage your content, try out different campaigns, track their results and mold the website to unique visitors.



It all starts with a simple and clean interface. We've made the interface as easy to use as possible. While the software itself is quite complex and it's power ernormous, the interface will make managing your site easy and painless. Quickly and easily set up campaigns, create alternative content options for different visitors based on location or time of day, or whether they are first time visitors or long-standing clients. Someone's accessing the site from a mobile, why should they see the same content as someone on a PC? Is it past business hours, maybe users would want to see content that more relevant to home time than business. The options are almost infinite and now, you don't need a development or SEO firm to manage your content and create your campaigns.

Now YOU can have the independence you've always wanted and start saving hundreds of dollars per year!


  • Split testing: rotate between two pages without a single line of code in order to find which one of those two pages has a better conversion rate!
  • View click reports so you can see which pages do best when compared against each other
  • Create one time offers that really disappear after they're displayed to a visitor
  • Rotate content as desired: on every visit, once per week (set interval) or once today then in 4 days, and then in 17 days, and then in 43 days (irregular interval)
  • "Intelligent" Keyword Detection: ensure that a visitor searching in google for power tools, ends up on your best power tools page, rather than the page google has chosen
  • Create schedules that automate when unique content will be displayed, so you can setup your christmas campaign months ahead of time
  • Change content on MULTIPLE pages at once
  • Manage what content visitors see based on where they are coming to your site from, so clients coming form google see one thing, while clients coming from an affiliate see something else
  • Customize your pages based on where in the world your visitor is, so you can present different content to an American than you would to an Australian
  • Combined criteria: combine any of the criteria to create incredibly specific content for very specific groups, like Australians from Melbourne, accessing the site for the first time coming from your Australian affiliate website after business hours