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MadeSimple Photo/Video Gallery is an incredibly simple and beautiful tool that can be added to any website, customized and populated within minutes. Using a rich and elegant interface this tool allows you to create multiple albums for all your photos and videos easily and painlessly. No need for FTP, though we support it, and no hassles getting your images posted in batches.

We were getting asked by numerous clients for photo galleries and after trying a number of Free and Paid galleries, we realized there was a demand that wasn’t being properly catered to. We decided to develop our own. But MadeSimple isn’t only about providing functionality, it’s about providing beautiful tools that are simple to use. We’re not all developers and programmers, but we should all be able to quickly and easily add feature-rich tools to our websites. Our Photo/Video Gallery finally allows just that.

Now ANYONE can have a beautiful photo/video gallery on their site within 10 minutes!


  • Photo and Video compatible: Works with jpgs, pngs, gifs, mp4, flv, mpg
  • Batch uploads using a simple interface, no need for FTP
  • Single uploads with option to add title and description of photo/video
  • Use ftp if desired for unlimited uploads
  • Quick installer
  • Customizable colors and scheme using CSS and other integrated functions
  • Ability to easily use your own logo, favicon, tagline, page titles, etc.
  • Select thumbnails for any album or the gallery will simply select a random thumbnail for you
  • Cake PHP based and Database driven
  • Beautiful and simple user interface
  • Ergonomic admin interface
  • Responsive design – NO FLASH!
  • Social media feed integration (FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Email or others)
  • Ability to change password
  • Always updated FAQ
  • Quickly apply your site’s html template to create your gallery theme.
  • User guide included