Why should I choose MadeSimple?
MadeSimple Software is quite simply, effective, easy to use, and beautiful. Our team is composed of designers and developers who have been in the web design and development fields for decades and over the course of our careers, we have found that while the software industry has made huge strides on almost every level, there have been some important spaces left with a lack of innovation and care. We found some of those spaces and decided to make our mark. MadeSimple offers a limited range of specialized software products that provide a level of flexibility and attention to detail that cannot be rivalled. Take a look at our demos and see for yourself.
What are your return/reimbursement policies?
If you have purchased an item and it does not work as described or is faulty, please contact us and tell us exactly what the problem has been with the item. The item will be investigated, and if it is found to be faulty or not working as described it will be fixed or a refund will be offered.

Before submitting a refund claim, please read the faqs for that product – there is a good chance someone else may have had the same problem as you and that MadeSimple might have already addressed the issue. Also make sure that you thoroughly read all of the item’s documentation in case there is an existing answer to your issue. Due to the nature of digital goods, we unfortunately cannot issue a refund or exchange unless the item is malfunctioning or corrupt.
How are product updates handled?
MadeSimple's products differ in terms of how they are deployed and updated. Some products are standalone software packages that can be installed on any server, others are based on SaaS (Software as a service). Therefore the upgrade cycles and procedures are different for every product. The SaaS products are updated on a regular basis behind the scenes for as long as you use the product. The standalone products are updated at different intervals, some updates may be provided freely, others may be charged independently. Please view the FAQ for the specific product in question for additional information on update procedures.