MadeSimple Software is born of the experiences of a group of web designers and developers who have been in the industry since the late 90s. We've seen technologies come and go, have had to adapt, learn new languages, stay on top of design and coding trends, adjust to the mobile revolution, and all of this while providing quality services that our clients could be proud of.

Over time, we began to realize that in some cases, things were moving too fast and in others, almost not at all. When it comes to software, there's no lack of options out there, but there is a lack of quality in many places and in certain niches. As we worked on specific projects for a range of different clients, some of the same requests kept coming up. We were asked for simple CMS software that wasn't WordPress, or a media gallery that was simple to install but packed with features, or a way for clients to manage their site based on analytics data. As we received more and more requests for these products, we began to realize that there was little on the market that really solved these problems in an effective manner. From that point on, we decided to build our own. Made Simple is the result.